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Suddenly, like a night wind blowing, as if the pear trees blooming.  This ancient poem of more than 1,000 years ago can be aptly used to describe the current artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence is too hot, the fire is too fast, let a person unexpected.  Han Liqun, director of the Intelligent Products and Industry Working Committee of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, felt this way. She remembered the scene of campaigning with her colleagues for the establishment of an artificial intelligence specialty more than ten years ago: ' At that time, m...
Time: 2019 - 01 - 02
According to Securities, in 2018, the three major U.S. stock indexes all recorded their biggest annual decline since 2008.  Among them, although technology stocks are ' seriously injured', the battle for the crown of market value is getting fiercer and fiercer.  The old technology giant Microsoft has a firm foothold and held the title of US stock and even the world's most valuable listed company at the end of 2018.  As of the last trading day in 2018, Microsoft's share price was reported at US $ 101.57, with a market value of US $ 779.8 billion....
Time: 2019 - 01 - 02
Tencent Netease was absent from Ali's shortlist. Why did most of the first batch of game titles fall into small factories?  In the list of the first batch of game titles on December 29, according to the statistics of the Beijing News Narwhal Technology ( ID: Dujiajingkeji ), the number of the first batch of game titles was 80, of which Hangzhou Runqu Technology Co., Ltd. received 7 titles, making it the most approved game company.  Listed A - share game companies were the beneficiaries of the first batch of release numbers, including Giants Network, Kai Ying Network, Sa...
Time: 2019 - 01 - 02
On December 29, the reporter learned from the higher people's court of Guangdong province that the higher people's court of Guangdong province made a final judgment on the dispute over copyright administrative punishment between Shenzhen fast broadcasting technology co., ltd. and Shenzhen market supervision and management bureau, rejecting the appeal and upholding the original judgment.  In March 2014, Tencent filed a complaint with Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau, claiming that Fast Broadcast Company infringed on its right to disseminate information on the Internet about ...
Time: 2019 - 01 - 02
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